Sabtu, 17 Juli 2010

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My name is Muhammad Arbi. My nickname is Arbi. I live in village kepuh rural districts Kertosono billowing. I was born on 30 August 1995 in Nganjuk. I am now still sitting in junior high school second grade. I just have a personal computer. I'm an expert in the field of computers. I hobbies are playing basketball, reading books, playing computer, and others. My age now is 14 years old. I was the religion of Islam. I was very diligent in

prayer. I'm his son was quiet and I also like the child who is easy to get along with. That little comment about me

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ndop mengatakan...

in English... kereeeen!!!

tapi sayange bahasa Inggrismu jik ketok nek teko google translate, hahahahahahhahaha....

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